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so husbando download doesnt seem to work as it just plays waifu instead

yeah Im having the same issue :/  Waifus still fun too at least lmao

Due to time constraints on the gamejam, Husbando Blue only alters the journal sketches you can get. The main sprites are the same across both.

Neat game, but I'm not sure what the bars do. Looks like they increase some stat, but what's the function of the various stats? The top two bars both make them run away when filled, and the pink makes them horny, but that's all I can tell.


The bars are mood bars and my intention was to make kinda puzzles around manipulating the moods to get what you want.

Theyll run away if they get too angry or scared.

Ah, ok. I managed to get most of the notes for cat and harpy, but couldn't find out how to get the rest. Do some notes need a combination of moods?


Filling the journal requires doing the science options at different moods and status's, and reading the journal may also give hints as how to interact for certain moods.

Unfortunately with my timeframe, I was never able to make it clear how things worked and I also have no interest to keep going with it.

I don't know if I'm just bad at the game, but I had a bit of a difficult time figuring out what to do and how to achieve it. I'm a big fan of the pixel art but wish there was some ambient music or little bleeps for when things level up. The wait timers could also be oushed down a bit, especially in the early game. Overall cute girls though! I liked the harpy!


Well, I played it to 100%. It was ok.

  • Game feels confusing and pointless early on.
  • Beguile is underwhelming for a lvl.3 ability
  • Science feels like a redundant skill tree, because the game's only objective is getting the notes. Before sketching is unlocked, the horny aspect isn't all that apparent.
  • Pixel art feels sloppy in some places, but for a jam game, it looks pretty good, specially in the later areas.
  • Sketches are fine. Some are great, but most are just good.
  • The barbed cat penis sketch was really cryptic. It's the only time in the game that the sketch feature is used more than once for the same monster, so it ended up being my last note.
  • It only really picks up in the late game, as you're only really experimenting when you have all of the options at your disposal.

Besides that, the game was pretty alright, specially for a jam game.

Current critique:

- The game drastically slows down in the late game, leading to waiting periods that are a bit too long for a shortish game like this.
- Husbandos less appealing than waifus.
- No sound, would be nice to hear utterances/ambient sound. Maybe use bfxr for things like that?
- UX for the creature/mood window needs a colourblindness pass.

Otherwise, I'm liking the overall idea, I'm liking the mostly clear UX, and I'm liking the choice of monsterfolk!